Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bitchface negotiation through mind-controlled children.

This is a prime example from an hour ago of how narcissistic, selfish parents manipulate children to do their bidding:

My daughter texts me (in blue) :
Hi dad.... since you have me for family week then should I stay here for another week then go to your house for two week
 Then the schedule
 Will be the same
I reply (in red) :

 Sorry I can't change schedule without agreement from your mom and wont break the schedule.

She hasn't contacted me so please come over tomorrow. 

Then my ex-wife takes Darcy's phone (in green):

This is Michelle
Darcy wants to stay here next week to keep the number of weeks even when you guys go to red deer shopping for family week. I agree with it. You?

This is the same person that took 3 divorce-mandated courses to  warn parents about parental alienation and what is not acceptable.


Then I got a phone call in which my ex-wife asks me to "keep things even" that Darcy wants to stay at her house and for next week. Then she asks why I am forcing Darcy to come to my house? When I reply with the same message then she says she will "TELL DARCY I'M NOT ALLOWING HER TO STAY OVER". 

So when my kids have to go to her house it's what they want, when they come to my house I am forcing them. This is the mindset drilled into the kid's heads.

Pure unadulterated child manipulation.  No mention of asking, no negotiation with me, no explaining the circumstances. Whenever I have been reasonable in the past, no respect for that into the future.

So I replied back:

Last year your mom said no to this same arrangement and you spent 3 weeks there. You are also going to be there for Easter.changung the schedule becomes complicated.
See you Monday 

 If your mother wants to communicate with me tell her to email me

We are not forcing you here; we are upholding an agreement and we are not playing the same games. This kind of stuff is unacceptable.  

I was just saying that it would be a good idea I don't want to start a fight I was just saying

I'm sorry who is speaking? I'm sorry Darcy your mom pressured you into this conflict. You stayed at your mom's house 3 weeks last time it was fine we never put you in the middle.  

It was my idea dad

When she says things like we are forcing you it's really persuasion to make it sound like she's being fair but really it's manipulation. She suggested the idea to you. You just don't realize it. That's how she tricks people.  

I need to point out to my kids what is going on to them, because there is no limit to the manipulation, the courts are powerless to do anything, and there is no self-control from a person that should be adult enough to put the kids' needs first. My goal is either to prevent the bitchface from acting boldly against the kids or at the very least to make the kids aware of what is happening to them. In between the times when they are put in this situation, I hope they realize how and why they are made to feel so badly, and whether or not they agree with any parent treating them like this.

Friday, February 3, 2017

#humblebrag hubris

I'm so afraid of war I volunteered to serve in war zones- twice.

I'm the result when the +Terminator and +Mr.Spock have a love-child.

I was House before +Hugh Laurie  had an American accent.

I know more maths than +Sheldon Cooper  .

And if you think any of these are impressive, I'm all of them.

<mic drop>

I'm easy to work with...

I'm easy to work with... so long as I'm in charge.