Monday, March 10, 2014

Sam Roberts is a Buddhist

I have a lot of respect for Sam Roberts, the Canadian artist and leader of the Sam Roberts Band.Let me explain why I think he believes in Buddhism.

Here is an excerpt from a recent song "We're All In This Together"  :

"Mine, mine, it isn't a lot 
So why try to take more than I got
More, more, we only want more
It's not what we came for,..."

Mankind suffers in the pursuit of base pleasures - greed, lust, jealousy, that are not our true nature nor do they bring real happiness. We all fall victim to our desires and in the process we suffer.

"Every night I free fall into a dream
Mirrored halls in the chrome machine
It's a phenomenon that goes on and on
Saying it right but you're doing it wrong..."
The world is an illusion. Nothing is as we think it is, we are reflections like a image of a moon reflected in a still pond.
"We may never be the same again, we may never be the same again"
Everything in the universe is in a constant state of change. The Earth is rotating at a speed of 465.1 m/s and hurtling through the expanding Milky Way galaxy at a speed of  67.80 km/s. Truly, we as an ecosystem are not where we were a second ago in the universe. He repeats it because we are also personally changing, constantly over time. We age, cells are replaced, our attitudes change, allegiances change and so on.  

Then later on he sings:
"Slow down you're going too fast now
A delicate dance take your foot off the gas now
Don't try making it last now 
Sooner or later you're a thing of the past now"
So make your mark, do what you believe and inspire the change you wish is his message.  Live your life today because there is no more today tomorrow. 
We are all in this together, so keep moving don't stop,
keep moving don't stop. "
We are all parts of the universe we share, a shared history, a shared future, and a fate in each other's hands.
All of these ideas on their own all seem like common sense, but collectively they mean Buddhism.  I'm sure he knows it and if he believes all of this then he's a Buddhist.