Monday, November 16, 2015

If France really wants to hurt ISIS: kick out extremists and empty your jails unto Raqqa

If France really wants to get old-school biblical on ISIS then they need to go back a few centuries. If France really wants to hurt ISIS; expel citizens that are Islamic sympathizers. Then empty out your jails and send them to Raqqa. Give your convicts a reprieve and letters of marque to hit the enemy. Give them letters of marque and reprisal to go into Raqqa and since 70% of the 65,000 prisoners are Muslim either they fight for you or become a burden on ISIS to feed, clothe, and house. If they fight for you then they can come home under the letters of marque and reprisal. If they don't fight for you they won't come back at all.  Use the Foreign Legion to steer them in and let them loose.  That should do more than bombing ever would.