Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pax Trumpiana: How Dr. Paul Krugman has it backwards

I read this article, Pax Trumpiana by Dr. Paul Krugman, and I replied with a comment at the bottom.

My comment was not approved by the reviewers, so to anyone wondering if the New York Times is more democratic that Russian Television - which also removed my offensive comments - don't kid yourself. They censor ideas that offend them just as much.  It's a wonder Liberals claim Trumpians are dogmatic when they can't avoid that label themselves.

These sentences are a paraphrase of what I wrote since I thought they would be used:

Dr. Krugman you have it backwards, and normally I don't expect to say that about your viewpoints, generally I agree with them.

Most economic-political problems in the Western World are not a result of America acting as a non-Roman power, they exist precisely because America doesn't act exactly like an Imperial power. To conquer and crush opponents means they are removed political dynamics from the power struggle. Vanquished leave the field and that brings peace and stability because they are no longer contestants. To partially-defeat enemies - in a "civilized" way - means to allow the remains to fester and foment which lengthens the struggle immensely. As we see every day now with radical islamic terrorists. America is too smart by half expecting hating enemies to just retire after defeat - they just wait it out and reconstitute.

The problem is America is a Schizophrenic Empire - that oscillates from isolationist to imperialist and back - wreaking havoc for allies and enemies alike all in the name of "progress". You are the architects of your own tragedy. When America realizes - as it once did - to stamp out and defeat real enemies totally means to bring lasting peace.