Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ground Squirrel Calls

Richardson's ground squirrels have 4 distinctive chirps. This is their interpretation.

Normal chatter: when talking amongst themselves the tone and cadence sounds like animal talking. Aperiodic communication, uneven tone. They are not alerted to your presence.

Oh shit!: If they let out a half-chirp and the no more sound as they dive into the hole you startled it and it crashed for cover. The local squirrels are aware of you.

Stranger Danger!: If they take cover near hole face and freeze, then they let out a periodic squeak about every 3 seconds. That means they think they are in hidden and are warning other burrows of danger. This is the perfect situation to fix them and shoot. If you can approach from concealment it's a straight shot.

Hey You!: If they are standing or squatting on back legs and emit a squeak - squeak in rapid progression they are calling to other squirrels to find them. They are not alerted to danger but they will detect any noise or movement.