Sunday, July 6, 2014

Of all the things I possess, I missunderstand my mind the most....

I am reading the book, The Power of Habit, which outlines how people use habits to underthink and allow the basal ganglia to run simple and complex tasks for us.  It's why I thought to write a post about thinking.

I have read hundreds of book.  Hundreds if not thousands of technical journals, conference papers, and so on as an engineer and scientist.  I used to read novels.

With all that knowledge, looking back, I would recommend that you read to understand how your brains works more than anything else, any job, enjoyment, or profession.

Of all the things you would like to improve, your mind is the one with the greatest impact on YOUR life. It controls all aspects of your life, how you cope, how you survive or how you prosper.

There was a Pirelli ad that I loved as an undergrad studying electrical engineering -

"Power is nothing without control"

Of equal importance, your life is nothing without your control.  And your brain controls your life.

So a first recommendation, I would urge you to try the Briggs-Myer Type Test.  Find out in general what kind of brain you have and how it's conditioned to function.  Your brain is a computer programmed by your genes evolved over hundred of thousands years of successful adaptation.

Look at this wiki page Briggs-Myers Type Personality Test

Understanding that I am an INTJ brain personality type has helped me understand my own behaviour. I hope it helps you.