Sunday, September 20, 2015

A simple political question: do you want a new PM?

PM Harper is now resorting to desperate racist tactics in a bid to keep his job.
He is now appealing to "old stock" Canadians- whatever that means.

The "old-stock Canadians" remark, instead of going unnoticed, immediately unleashed an onslaught of questions over what "old stock" meant, whether it had racist overtones and whether it was part of an overall Conservative campaign to engage in identity politics or stoke fears against other groups.

Stoking fear and racism is a common tactic of Republicans. The "silent majority" was a Nixon meme. I thought we were different here than Americans? Fear politics or politics of division is a society shattering way to hold onto power.  It distracts happy productive people with fear and uncertainty about their neighbors.  It is a tactic of dictators and oligarchs. It is undemocratic.

Harper is counting on a left split of votes to hold power; he is using fear, uncertainty, and doubt to keep a minority of votes.

The single biggest question Canadians need to ask themselves is this: on October 20, when the election is over, do you want to see Harper as prime minister again? If you don't, then you need to decide which opposition politician has the best chance of winning in your riding and vote strategically. You can't let him win through fear and racism.