Friday, September 11, 2015

#DonaldTrump: Business people aren't to be trusted

#DonaldTrump has been right on a few issues:

Immigrant families in the US are more on some form of social assistance. More than half of immigrants on welfare. 76% of immigrant-led households are on some form of welfare.

I hate to say it but Bill O'Reilly's analysis is close to reality. Trump is claiming politicians can't be trusted.

 Another Trump target is Ford. Donald Trump shows you what business men think of other businessmen:  Donald Trump plans to tax Ford 35% on every vehicle coming from a Mexican plant. He wants to punish American companies to force them to operate more inside the USA.

Donald Trump agrees with Adam Smith: Never trust a businessman explaining his business.

This truth is what people appreciate in Trump, warts and all, he isn't afraid of speaking what is unpopular. He isn't afraid to take on cronys / oligarchs to change how things are working. This is the Trump value.

It's not hard to see why people like him. He has remained consistent and he doesn't waver on his stance on issues.

He is, however, missing the biggest method to improve the economy.  The way to build long term high paying jobs is not to fight over old technology. It is to invest in Research & Development to invent new products for manufacturing. We need to keep looking up.