Monday, April 11, 2016

Conversation with an ex-wife narcissist

My ex-wife is a narcissist and she refuses to cooperate because, frankly, she is incapable of the same reasoned compromise "normal" people can do.

She brings my daughter over without telling me, which is against the joint parenting agreement, and she doesn't tell me when the kids are sick, which is against the joint parenting agreement, and she tells me that she blocks my text messages and may read them days later. Again, which is against the joint parenting agreement.  Does she care? Not really because in her mind she's justified. And I'm lower than garbage.

So this is how a text traffic looks when I finally get fed up (in verbatim):

From me:

Hi. Darcy's glasses are at your house can you please drop them off?

Also. You didn't tell me kids were sick and when did you drop off rayleigh?

I'm on my way to get glasses with darcy

Ignoring me doesn't change the fact you didn't follow agreement. 

Ok. I'll show you how this works. Then I'm going to post this whole txt traffic online to show my family what I deal with. 

Narcissists don't like being outed but you gave me no choice.

Rayleigh is losing her phone. She made an agreement to communicate all issues, demonstrate being responsible and calling each Wednesday at your house. When she proves she meets agreement she will get it back. 

She will not be allowed to work until she earns phone back. You can try to twist her to live at your house but she knows who will pay for her university so best of luck. 

This was going to happen regardless of today. Her phone is gone now.

And now you've demonstrated exactly what I complain about and people can't believe. So thank you.
You can phone her at 403 XXX XXXX or email through Facebook she still has laptop.
I waited till basketball was over to give her enough time but she's proven she can drink but not be responsible.
No response as of 3 hours after I started.  I am being ignored. And she doesn't care about the kids, nor did she ask how they are doing healthwise.