Sunday, April 10, 2016

#PlayingIntoTrumpsHands Bill Maher is playing right into Trump's hands

If #DonaldTrump is a Democratic plant, then is #BillMaher a crypto-supporter of Donald Trump? 

This is exactly what Bill Maher should be saying if he wants to elect Donald Trump. All those stupid American voters that don't agree with Bill Maher on a good day will turn around and vote against a dictation from the left.  Maher thinks he is supporting #Clinton, but what's he's actually doing is making political ads for Trump.  The people that attack Trump lose, the Pope (Il Papi), President Obama, George Bush, Jeb Bush, Barbara Bush, and so on.  Hasn't he been paying attention.

When Trump responds "If Mexico doesn't want to pay for the wall, then the wall just got 10 feet taller" and the crowds cheer it means that emotion and not reason is driving his popularity Meeting anger with insults is fuel on the fire. So Bill Maher if you really don't want #TheFullTrumpian, then stop insulting the Republican base.