Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Civil Discourse in the Public Square

Civil discourse in public should follow the Socratic Method, it should be the pursuit of truth in facts and ideas and making them plain for all to consider. It should be left to the intelligence of the people to realize what is true, and it should never be dictation nor ad hominem personal attacks.

The ideas and ideals must be placed before the people and the people are smart enough to decide fairly. There are never enough rabid followers to sway the outcome, there are only liars that hide truth from the public. The liars, when exposed, should be vilified by the appearance of their bias or allegiance, not their personal qualities. Even when I portrayed these ideas, I was mindful not to be too preachy for fear of stamping on my own point.

Anyone that does not treat you or your ideas in this manner gives you the evidence you need to make your own choice on what they stand for.

Manners are the grease of civilization, use them but don't let wrong ideas propagate through politeness. 

When I wrote this, the power went out, so perhaps I am angering the powers that be by speaking towards reason for all.