Saturday, August 13, 2016

Deregulate Marijuana

If you want to make marijuana legal, stop calling the process:

"Decriminalizing marijuana"

"Legalizing marijuana"

Both those concepts assume there is a reason why they refer to illegality and therefore they need to be illicit. Marijuana is a natural product like sugar.  It has harmful effects just like caffeine and sugar. Those concepts link it to crime.  This relationship is over simplistic to the point of rejecting the basic premise.

The "decriminalize" mindset is a holdover in the meme psyche of our prohibitionist past. There is no real reason except dogma why that is.

If you want to appeal to right wing thinkers - who work on a pro-conservative basis, you should refer to it as:

"Deregulate marijuana"

Conservatives believe in minimal government and reducing government
overreach into freedoms. To deregulate is to increase freedom and civil rights.