Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pride is not a sin, it is the culmination of human achievements

To call pride a sin is to think that mankind, taking some joy and recognition in our accomplishments, attributes that success to themselves.  To call it a sin is to claim it is not deserved.

This is a dangerous idea to organized religion. It means people can assume they deserve to be happy in their own work and they may not need to refer to a higher power. This has been a long standing assumption.

But what shame or sin is there in recognizing what you did?  How can anyone prove your success was the work of a higher being? They certainly don't take credit for your failures they leave those to you!

The secret is you are the beginning and end of your success. To think otherwise is to rob yourself of the satisfaction you are owed. The church wants you submissive for its insidious preservation.

No, pride is a deserved outcome for a work well done.  We should take pride in doing well. We did it. We recognize it.  We, mankind, struggles everyday to make a difference.  Why must this go to another?

Life is hard enough. Survival is hard enough. Take the credit you deserve.

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