Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Creatives survive the best, workers struggle the most, and sociopaths make everyone else suffer.

Today is my 43rd birthday.

I don't know why or how I got this far. I'm lucky to be alive.  I was in 4 serious vehicle accidents in Bosnia and I walked around in minefields for 14 months. I'm sure I've done more stupid things but you get my point.

I would like to share my opinion not on what makes someone successful but how to be successful.

The success of any group of people (group by how they work - race and sex are irrelevant in my eyes) depends more on how they deliver their work than whatever trade they take up.  For example, musicians that only know how to play and sing can make more money than the best lawyers or doctors.  It's not what they do so much as they are creative; they create the content that is the work and the product.

Depending on how you deliver your work will change your success and failure.

Creative people have an easier time surviving than people that work for someone. By making something on their own, creative people can charge what they think is fair for the work. Creatives can write books and go on speaking tours and so on. They can start their own companies. They can teach.

People that rely on someone to work for have the hardest time because they give away the work at the end of the day. Workers are always at the mercy of the managers. They have traded away the thing of value which is the product of their work.  Workers will continue to struggle because at the end of a paycheck they don't have much extra.

If we want to solve homelessness and poor people we need not to change the hourly rate but attack the way that workers and companies interact. 

The last realization in this triumvirate is that sociopaths, with power, are the managers that cause the most problems. They are the people that ruin companies and the delicate balance between profit and loss; between work and workers. Not satisfied with the money and prestige of controlling things, they are the few that make society hard for the most.

If you want your kids to do well, teach them to be creative or sociopaths.