Friday, May 1, 2015

You think the oilsands is dirty? Do you know what the oilsands policies and practices are?

These are the Canadian oilsands operations everyone talks about but does not know:

I flew over it on my way back from Frankfurt. Bottom is town of Fort McMurray and the larger clear cut areas farther up are some oilsands projects.

I was looking around my government environment website for a number to complain about an asphalt operation near my home when I stumbled upon this website:

What is the stated position on climate change for Alberta?  Climate change is real and Alberta contributes to it.

What have they done to reduce carbon emissions?  One example:
Under Alberta’s Specified Gas Emissions Regulation approximately 51 Mt of emissions have been reduced from business-as-usual levels. That’s like taking more than 10 million cars (basically, the population of the Czech Republic) off the road for one year.

How much money have they raised to invest in technology?
  • Through the \$15/tonne price on carbon, \$503 million has been collected for the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund - \$249 million has been invested into 100 innovative and clean energy projects.
  • Government of Alberta has invested \$1.3 billion in two carbon capture and storage projects, which will be operational in 2016/2017 (reducing about 2.76 Mt a year).
That's almost \$2billion invested on cleaner technology.

So for all those armchair environmentalists that like to poke the oilsands as dirty; the same people that turn off lights for one hour on Earth day but still drive through fast food joints: what exactly does YOUR state/province claim about climate change and how much money has YOUR state/province invested in emissions reduction?

Remember, your cars are polluting that oil locally. Not in Alberta.