Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thich Nhat Hanh's The Art of Power and the power of words

People make themselves a target of helplessness by allowing words to have power over themselves.

In Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh's book The Art of Power, he points out that one gives power over oneself to others ONLY if you let them. One way is though words.

If you let people offend you by the words they use to define you, then you are giving them the power over you.

Just like being angry at another person makes you sick, allowing words to hurt you means you believe those words mean something and they are important. You are placing the meaning into things that are by themselves meaningless.

I don't exist, I am a shadow if what I understand to be me. You don't exist either. You are a shadow of what you believe to be.

If you don't believe me, then read my Riddle of the Chair. Take away as many parts of yourself and you won't find you in them. This is inherent nonexistence.

What we are are temporary placeholders for what we understand, ever in transition, ever hurtling towards destruction.

Nothing has meaning unless we put the meaning into it.

If I don't exist and words have no meaning then how can your words about me have any meaning? Why would I take offence to nonsense?

No one has power over you unless you give them the power. To accept words mean something is to accept the first perpetrators lies seeded in those words. That person was not enlightened. That person was suffering. That person was hitting out at the world to satisfy expectations unfulfilled.

I would heartily recommend you read Hanh's book.

Getting offended at words takes away your power. You are volunteering to be ruled by other people's meaning.

People trying to debate meaninglessness will forever be stuck in the loop of unhappiness.