Thursday, June 11, 2015

Conservative government run by religious fringe: marijuana products rejected by state

The government running on ideology has now turned its back away from real conservative philosophy and turned towards the fringe politics of religious and moral freaks.

Freaks because they hold anti-social anti-humanist ideology that demands the government be the moral police for the nation.  They are taking their guidance from religious dogma: the same people that hid child predator priests and abused native peoples.

The government is willing to stake its reputation damaging people's rights towards freedom, and free trade, to deny people access to marijuana in any form other than smoked leaves. The government is upset the Supreme Court allowed all forms of marijuana as legal for reasonable uses.

 There is no meaning in restricting access to pained or dying people to a form a medicine. The supreme court ruled the government's rules on marijuana form was arbitrary - which means that they had no good reason for what they were doing limiting access. They could increase taxes collected and decrease the financial burden on the middle class with marijuana product taxes.

It's beyond reason to limit a product that generates revenue, eases suffering, is a safe product with a track record, and that should be part of personal freedom. This is what the people want. The only group that rejects marijuana is the religious right.

True conservative principles deny government overreach into the market, allow free trade, and don't waste time and resources litigating arbitrary legal fights which get defeated and waste all the resources for dogmatic reasons.

This is what the Supreme Court said:

The Conservative insistence that patients smoke or vape their medication once again finds them clashing with the judiciary, which considers that nonsensical.
"Inhaling marihuana (the archaic legal spelling) can present health risks and is less effective for some conditions than administration of cannabis derivative," the country's highest bench said in the ruling that was unsigned, implying institutional weight.
There is no connection between the prohibition on non-dried forms of marijuana and the health of the patients who qualify for legal access, the court said.
"It is therefore difficult to understand why allowing patients to transform dried marihuana into baking oil would put them at greater risk than permitting them to smoke or vaporize dried marihuana," the justices added.
"Moreover, the Crown provided no evidence to suggest that it would. ... Finally, the evidence established no connection between the impugned restriction and attempts to curb the diversion of marihuana into the illegal market. We are left with a total disconnect between the limit on liberty and security of the person imposed by the prohibition and its object."
The appropriate remedy the court said is a declaration that the law is of no force and effect to the extent that it prohibits a person with a medical authorization from possessing cannabis derivatives for medical purposes."

The same government that rejects scientific advice on climate change, says marijuana research / evidence is needed before they can allow the sale of marijuana products. Wouldn't you think that should be the other way around? The government should have been investigating marijuana the moment it was legalized for medicinal uses?  They don't invest in research and now want to stop people from using a helpful product? There is only one reason for this: religious dogma.

The only part of society that is appeased by stopping marijuana use in other forms are religious fringes that expect to dictate to everyone their morality. This is why it's time to get rid of a nonsensical government.