Monday, June 29, 2015

Stop telling people they are perfect

One of the great fallacies of the Western world is the foolish belief that anything, anyone can be perfect.

There is no such thing as perfection, therefore to claim to have acheived it is always false. To delude someone into thinking that being perfect is possible makes them expect more of themselves than is humanly possible.

By goading people to work at perfection is to make them think that if they aren't ideal, then they are not worthy. That is the start on the path to unhappiness.

Perfection is a big lie. It is a well-intensioned lie but a lie nonetheless. A lie told to try to motivate people to keep trying without the contentment of satisfaction at anything less than a missing end goal.

Saying "You are perfect as you are," is to say that somehow yesterday or at some other arbitrary time you were not perfect. Nonsensical. Then what happens tomorrow when you aren't exactly as you are right now? Not perfect? Not as perfect? Close to perfect?

You eat a salad you are more perfect? You eat a burger you are less perfect?

Do you see the fallacy of arbitrary perfect "assignment"? You can't possibly pick a moment in another person's life that matches perfection in their eyes!
While the journey is noble, to want perfection,  the pursuit is itself the reward. The goal of perfection is unattainable. To make people, especially young people, think perfection is real is to doom them to unhappiness in the struggle. Without the delusion they could enjoy succeeding on the road to perfection.

This is the source of misery in many people that would otherwise be calm and satisfied.

Stop encouraging the self-deception, stop worrying about perfect.