Friday, June 26, 2015

Temporal-spatial matters are not up to the Pope

I respect Pope Francis as a good person trying to do good for the Earth. I am not shocked he wrote a scathing encylical scourging (metaphorically ) enemies of the Church:

The problem is that while Pope Francis means well, it is never up to any religion to tell society what it must do. The Catholic Church has no moral high ground, no demonstrated moral track record above reproach for all to see, to dictate anything in the temporal-spatial realm- which means on Earth and in the Universe.

Here is a quote:

He is spirit and will, but also nature”.[12] With paternal concern, Benedict urged us to realize that creation is harmed “where we ourselves have the final word, where everything is simply our property and we use it for ourselves alone. The misuse of creation begins when we no longer recognize any higher instance than ourselves, when we see nothing else but ourselves”.[13]
The Pope is using old Pope Benedict's words blaming our behavior on turning away from religion and not respecting a higher power.

This is the arrogance of religion that presumes to know better because they get imaginary "OnStar" assistance over all matters. It was church doctrine to conquer the new world, to spread faith to heathens with a global pardon for evil so long as the flock grew. Companies were started to expand empire in the new world and bring back riches for Europe.  They, the church and European states,  started us on the road to globalization. The church is a co-conspirator with the companies that Western culture inspired. Their hands are bloody and unclean too.

Of course people with a vested interest in temporal-spatial matters prove how religious they actually are by ignoring what should be a command to do better:

That is that saving grace in all this: at least religious people don't actually follow what they preach.