Friday, January 22, 2016

How stupid are they? Conservative mouthpieces play into #Trump 's hands.

Glen Beck and other conservative morons play right into The Donald's strategy.

In an attempt to preach about values to followers with a toxic mix of moralizing and self-righteousness, the National Review either doesn't think it through nor hasn't the clear understanding of voters.

Here are some observations they seem to forget or can't accept:

1. Conservatives make up a minority of voters.

2. Conservative moralizing didn't win the white house in 2012 nor 2008.

3. Voters ask themselves 3 simple questions before they choose: will I be better off if this candidate wins, will the nation be better off if this person wins, and does this person have a real chance at winning? At the end of the day how righteous or good a candidate is is not a factor.

4. The people in majority don't trust the talking heads steering politics these days. They want to have a proven track record take the country in a drastically new direction. When Bernie Sanders is polling ahead of Hillary Clinton it's not a right wing phenomenon.

5. Conservative mouthpieces are only good at talking and keeping themselves in a job.

So these conservative talkers are too stupid to realize by preaching and protesting Trump's many flaws they are supporting the narrative they are insiders afraid of losing their power and that Trump is not someone they can pervert.  Trump represents real change; change voters have been promised and denied over and over. Denied by those elected and then justified by conservative talking heads.

Either they can't see it's making Trump's chances better or they refuse to accept they don't understand their fellow citizens. In both cases they are proving how worthless they really are.