Thursday, January 28, 2016

Robbed: Idris Elba deserved an Oscar for Beasts of no Nation

Idris Elba deserved an Oscar for his portrayal of Commandant in Beasts of no Nation.  It's shocking that a performance as nuanced and convincing didn't get any kind of recognition. I just watched it this evening and then thought about it before posting. I gave the pros and cons some thought and I'm still at the same conclusion that he deserved an Oscar and there's no way around his absence from the recognition. I recommend it to all. My teenager turned to me after the movie and said she wanted him to hit him with a stick for what he was doing to those kids. Today's teens are so blas√© and jaded that's an award right there.

This outrage is enough to make a man collect a rag tag child soldier army and raid Hollywood.