Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Chretien Method

I have to credit a lot of my success getting through to my kids not by dictating to them but using what I learned from Prime Minister Chretien.

Here is Mr. Chretien accosting a protester.   What I learned from him was rather than telling someone a fact, which the listener may or may not accept due to the state of your current relationship or the current situation, you ask them for the fact in the form of a question.

It is a form of lawyer cross-examination as Mr. Chretien was by vocation.

Instead of " Don't drive too fast on icy roads," one rephrases it something like this:

"Why shouldn't you drive too fast on icy roads?"

In this way, you are taking advantage of the 13 years all people spend in school answering questions from teachers. Most people have a natural habit to want to answer questions they know for self-validation reasons. So when you ask them for their information that they know already they tend to want to show you how much they know.

Instead of an argument, you get an acceptance of facts already known and generally accepted.