Sunday, February 21, 2016

Republicans are the emotional manipulators of the public.

It took me a while to decide which US political party was the one that leveraged emotional tricks more than substance on policy, but the recent action points out the "Republican clown car"  of candidates are the ones to manipulate American patriotism, exceptionalism, dominism, and any other emotional belief and presumption of the average intelligence American voter over standing on a platform of FACTS.

They are talking nonsense on policy - and it doesn't even matter.  They can't possibly deliver all the vague promises like "ban all Muslims" but it doesn't matter. They can't carpet bomb ISIS without decimation of Syrians. They can't break trade pacts because they would get sued and lose in world trade courts.

Of course the worst of them is really a toss-up between these two.

But this isn't the first time direct appeals to cheap emotional tactics stirred enough voters to deliver a Republican back to the White House.

Remember this guy?

He was the one that warned you against those socialists that would allow gay marriage and make God cry.  After drowning the nation in an unnecessary war in Iraq and the problems that everyone could see he turned to " of course you have to keep the same course" and "a vote for a Democrat is a vote for homosexual rape gangs".  Right after getting away with there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  And Americans, fearing what they were told to fear, obeyed the people that descended upon them.

After people got to know there weren't evil people in homosexuals and the war was a lasting mistake they decided to take out their frustration and blame on the responsible person.  It's no small wonder no one wanted Bush III in the White House:

But the question is: will voters wake up to how that they arrived at a disaster candidate BEFORE it is too late?  I make it a personal policy to not vote for the party that uses the most emotional manipulation on the campaign trail.  You may not get the most extravagant policies but you don't get a terrible mistake either.