Thursday, February 4, 2016

TrusTED to paint himself into a corner.

Over the years I have gained more and more respect for Jimmy Carter. As a young man I was tainted but right wing media that there was something wrong with him. I didn't know then he was the engineer in charge of designing the first nuclear submarine. He had a chance to bomb the hell out of Iran and didn't give in.  His foundation has almost eradicated the Guinea worm that pains so many poor nations. He is a man to be respected for a lifetime of service. And now I'm finding a razor sharp intellect as well.

Listen to Carter assess Cruz and Trump.  This was a Cruz campaign ad but perhaps Cruz doesn't realize how corrosive this ad is for a general election. Sure Cruz is trying to win the right wing prize but this admission will doom him to lose in the general election.

What Cruz doesn't see is that accepting the mantle of religious moral idealogue means your support base will never go farther out than the party base. Anyone that thinks you couldn't compromise for the good of the nation won't waste their vote electing you. You are claiming the mantle of Bush II and few moderates want to go back to Bush era policies.  You're doomed to be a loser.

And remember this, President Carter acted just a decisively in his term as Trump could wish to be in his presidency.