Friday, February 19, 2016

The Pope proves fallibility and overreach are his prerogative.

While Pope Francis exudes charm and grace, at the core he's still deluded by a sense of otherworldly grandeur.  His job description is the Vicar of Christ on Earth, so anything he does should be preconsidered against "what would Jesus do?" and not riffed with popular intent.

His latest attack at a temporal figure Donald J Trump, while seen as justified by faithful throngs, demonstrated just how far power goes to the head, even in an infallible and pious person like a Pope. The Pope knows that scoring on a pious politician - not excommunication but with satire - is unbecoming of the Vicar of Christ. It is playing to the mob like a political leader would.  I don't say Trump doesn't deserve rebuke for some of his many missteps.  But for the POPE to do it - not his bishops nor his cardinals - is unbecoming of the office. It is a human mistake for an "unfallible" person. This demonstrates just how wrong that reverence is.

Wars were fought for and by the insistence of Popes, a Reformation battled assumed pre-eminence, and still they do not understand that we don't want the interference in the temporal plane.

This demonstrates yet again they can't be trusted to butt out of politics and stay on the spiritual plane.

The only good news is that the fatihful are aging and no one else listens to him in any case; the greatest irony is those pious politicians are the first to reject what the Pope preaches when they feel like it in any case.

Update: The Pope has blinked.