Saturday, March 12, 2016

America: The Schizophrenic Empire - Hidden support for Trump

This is the hypocrisy of voters and the exposure of humanity.  Just like people smoke and eat fatty foods (if that is still harmful - one needs to check that daily with nutritional advice ) because they are satisfying ulterior goals, then there are many Americans that outwardly proclaim that electing Trump is ill advised.  But the numbers don't lie.

We have all seen the Rabid Trump supporters, those people will not lie to you about whom they support.

But according to the media and the polls, Trump's support should be capped around 38% - I don't know that number because they don't know a correct number either. So why is he winning?

Trump is beating others by 50% or more.  That is a fact after the polls are closed.  So where did all those mystery votes come from? From illegal immigrants sneaking into voting booths?

They came from closet Trump supporters. People that outwardly are agreeing that Trump is a nightmare but man they would really like to see Muslims banned. They say no to pollsters on the phone but they want jobs back even if that means massive tariffs on Chinese goods that starts a trade war. They are the silent majority that really want to act out their frustration on the rest of the world.

These people are living vicariously through Trump - attributional for good of course - they want a slug happy bully to get in there and wreak some havoc.

So when you ask where did all this anger come from? You can thank US presidents, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Khorasan group, and all the other contributing factors that have lead to such a menacing swing to the edge of humanity.