Friday, March 4, 2016

Why #DonaldTrump is winning, and why Clinton's won't win against #DonaldTrump

Roger Stone was an ascerbic outspoken dilettante the first time I saw him on CNN.  Then I read some of his work on The Stone Zone and some of his books.  He has a real inside view of US politics.  And he has real insight into Trump.

If you want to know why Trump is winning but defies all the pollsters and pundits, it is because they are all playing from a pro-Clinton viewpoint; they allow Clinton to get away with claiming she is pro-women but not address her record.  At the same time, Clinton claims she is pro-minority but she and Bill Clinton enacted the laws that put more minorities in jail for non-violent drug crimes.

What is interesting about the Clinton attacks on Trump, is that they are trying to shift the problems onto Trump ("he is a racist, he is a misogynist") whereas it is the Clintons that have a proven record - public policy and track record - of anti-women and anti-minority behaviour.

Roger Stone even lays out the direct strategy to defeat Clinton.

I don't follow most of Alex Jones because he's not that bright nor insightful, perhaps because he's overly scratchy and overly common, but Roger Stone had some interesting points in this video below.