Friday, March 4, 2016

CNN Clinton News Network

I hate to sound like a real conspiracy nut, because I tend to believe in evidence based evaluation towards decisions. But I find it astonishing that CNN has no mention on its website anywhere of the alleged son of Bill Clinton, Danney Williams.

The fact that CNN is running a story about a dubious knife found on OJ Simpson's old property, which is salacious at best, but they don't think it's reporting to mention a cautious possibility that there is an alleged son of a former President and potential first husband?

Of course the Clintons would go after them but why would that be any different than bad reporting?

A network bent on announcing news on speculation but they don't want to break this story? They report on lost dogs and cats. They have a massive staff and many servers.

When I read Roger Stone's blog framing CNN as Clinton News Network I can see why that is. How can they claim impartial status when they won't report a claim at least? They point fingers at murderers.

Tell CNN to cover all relevant stories for the public trust they get.

The irony is the Clintons could give a  paternity sample to fix this problem if they knew they could pass.