Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beware of the Bitchface

This book is for men struggling with hard-to-deal with exes that do not have  normal psychology; pure and simple.

I wrote this book to chronicle my nasty, legal-dynastic, divorce from my miserable narcissistic personality disorder (AKA Bitchface) ex-wife.  I wrote this from 2008 to 2013 as a cathartic exercise but also to learn from what I experienced.  Did I get sued for everything I owned? Yes I did. Did I have a nasty lawsuit proceeding? Yes I did. Were the kids dragged through the mud? Yes they were.  Did I lose to a woman, who has all the advantages in the legal system? No, I won.

I won. I was able to use my knowledge of her mindset to exploit her weaknesses and end the long drawn-out court battle that my ex-wife wanted, our lawyers wanted, and the courts were indifferent about.  I did it by using my science background to understand what I was dealing with, to give her a metaphorical bloody nose, and to make her come to terms and win.
In the words of my lawyer, she got "reamed". I kept the house. I have 50% custody of my kids. I have control over their future. I did it not just by using a good lawyer, but by understanding my exe's mentality and exploiting it.  To win you need a good lawyer but you really need to defeat the mentality of your ex. That is what stops the suffering. As you have found out already, the courts are powerless unless illegality is going on, so your kids suffer if you don't find a way to stop it.

I wasn't going to publish this book until my kids were older.  Then, today, I was at lunch with my buddy and I learned of his brother's peril with an ongoing divorce struggle where he doesn't have a home, doesn't have a future. He also said that he had a friend near suicidal over the treatment of his ex. This was too much!

So I thought to myself, I have a way to stop this. I am sitting on this because my kids are still in the picture and I don't want to cause a problem with my ex.  But if someone dies because he can't handle the pressure and all I needed  to do was share my experience, then that would be bad karma for me.
I told my friend my story and he begged me to give me this book. So here it is, unfinished and without a sexy cover. When you read what's inside, you will understand that's not valuable. 

So I am publishing this now, without even a good cover, to help men struggling against women in a rigged legal system.  If you are struggling in unfair terms and this personality sounds familiar, then read this book. If you know someone that could use this then for his sake please recommend this book before he does something rash.
I was going to hold off on publishing my book until my kids were older and out of the house. But I can't have someone's demise on my mind if I could have helped. That's bad karma!

I explain in this book how they think and why. I used that knowledge to end it earlier and win. Not win in the conquering sense, but win in ending a conflict before it raged for 10 years sense.
Knowledge is power, give your desperate friend some power and read this book or give it to him.  It will save on legal fees for you  or him and maybe end everyone's suffering early.