Sunday, May 29, 2016

Who made Donald Trump? CNN

Who made Donald Trump into a media monster? CNN did. 

When the story about the Libertarian Party frames the Libertarian party as an "also ran" alternative to the main parties of Democrats and Republicans, this demonstrates they have lost all objectivity and credibility.  The observer bias is obvious when they use the power of persuasion, suggesting that there is no chance for an alternative, to impugn a party instead of presenting them fairly.

Who says people in a democracy need to vote for one of two options? Like Coke or Pepsi, even when there are plenty of other soft drink makers, they are not the only choice.  If only one of the two main parties wins, one could easily say why didn't the loser party run they didn't have a shot at winning either.

It underlines just how biased the reporting is that it can't treat alternatives fairly. Roger Stone has argued that CNN is pro-Clinton, but you can't argue that and agree with the coverage of Trump as well. They have been far too trusting of both parties and their rhetoric. They presume the answers before the questions, and they spend more time monologuing their opinions rather than holding the candidates to account.  CNN and other corporate news teams made Trump by not making clear fair reporting. They have abrogated their responsibility to voters by treating the important role of government as a profit driven entertainment story. They don't want Trump to be president, but they can't help themselves because they have lost all perspective.

Then comes an alternative that gives a third option, one that essentially combines the two majority viewpoints of left and right in a different way - the libertarian fiscally conservative and socially liberal party not like the other two, and the news media will not give them the same fair hearing.

Maybe the Republicans and Democrats need to sit out an election cycle. Maybe that is what they need to do for the good of their parties.  The establishment has so totally corrupted the parties that an outsider like Trump can win because the majority don't trust the establishment.