Wednesday, May 11, 2016


#WhatDeliciousIrony: #DonaldJTrump encircles #HillaryClinton

How unfortunate Clinton is unaware she has been encircled...Billionaire Donald Trump is appealing to the masses by suggesting he might re-negotiate debt with US Federal creditors.  When you look at who actually owns the American debt, it may shock you to learn it is fellow Americans more than any other.


This means hedge funds, state workers pension funds, teacher's pensions funds, private professional citizens like doctors and lawyers who have spare cash, wealthy Americans, rich politicians, and so on.  In other words, those that are doing well in American society. The establishment owes and owns the nation's debt. Not China. Not Japan. Americans to Americans.

Now Hillary Clinton, millionaire (sorry multi-millionaire), must defend the haves of American society, the status quo, the decaying economy, and those that have money in the USA from the poor masses and one smart billionaire.

Exactly whom is she fighting for? The working poor are doing worse and the middle class is disappearing...

The majority of American households feel poorer because they are poorer. Real (i.e. adjusted for inflation) median household income has declined for decades, and income gains are concentrated in the top 5%:

As if proving the point, Donald J Trump draws even with Clinton and November is 6 months away...