Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Libertarian Platform

If I was running as a Libertarian candidate, and in the spirit of Jefferson suppose that is true, then this is what my platform planks would look like:


Individual Rights
We hold that each individual has the right to exercise sole dominion over her/his life, and to live in whatever manner she/he may choose, so long as she/he does not violate the equal rights of others.

  • Scientific evidence-based freedom products like recreational chemicals.
  • Once certified as not dangerous, legalize all marijuana products not already in law;
  • Fund scientific research into health benefits and concerns of alternative medicine like acid, peyote, etc. and ban those deemed by science to be more harmful that good. Scientific reports will form the basis of individual rights policy, not political parties / platforms.
  • Law to impose scientific consensus for medical and health-related matters over political policy;
  • Law to make Halloween a national holiday.

Government’s Role

We hold that where governments must exist, they should be stringently limited both in their structure and in their operations.

  • Immediate lay-off of 30% of executive level positions and supporting staff inside every government department, lay off half of all Assistant Deputy Minister positions and staff. 
  • Contract out all IT support.
  • Establish a whistleblower ombudsman that reports directly to Parliament in secret, funded complete with outside lawyers, to allow direct reporting of government administrative waste.
  • Fund a $50,000$ whistleblower reward system for anyone that can find drastic misuse of public funds over $100,000$ in on fiscal year or for an award of up to 10% for amounts less than $50,000$. Misuse must be documented and reviewed and approved by parliament before award.
  • All departments that return unspent funds in one fiscal year (FY) are allowed to increase budgets by 50% of that difference for the next FY exclusively. 
  • Law to require all government functions work on at least Apple, Linux/Unix, Google Chrome, and Windows operating systems to prevent monopolistic IT.
  • Digitize all polling, create unique voter database and create political forums to present all ongoing legislation, host referendums etc.

Civil Order
No conflict exists between the individual’s rights to life, liberty, and property, and the government’s obligation to maintain civil order.

  • Law established to remove the government's right to involve itself in abortion, suicide prevention, addiction recovery, religion, victim support etc.
  • Retain operator's licences.
  • Law to impose victim tax on all violent crimes payable to the victim as part of all sentences. Includes automatically transferring all rights for TV, media, book, or other trade deals or any other intellectual property rights for anything related to offenders to their victims. Victim tax removes the need for government involvement other than justice system.
  • Law modifications to prevent bankruptcy for violent crime offenders.
  • Law to assign all aboriginal naming rights / trademarks to the respective aboriginal bands (i.e. Apache to the Apache people ) in perpetuity and any company that wants to use these names must seek licence directly from said peoples.

Social Concerns
Government interference in current social concerns such as pollution, consumer
protection, health care delivery, and poverty exceeds the level required for the protection of individual rights.

  • Government will lead by example, not dictate social concerns.
  • Eliminate cap and trade green house gas emission policies.
  • Retain vehicle fuel emission standards for public.
  • Law to use purchasing power of government to buy improved emission standard vehicles.
  • Law to purchase more energy efficient buildings for all future projects
  • As a good citizen, establish government donation to charities in lieu of government bureaucratic oversight for victim's rights etc.

Defence & Foreign Policy
A Libertarian government would adopt a policy of non-intervention, abstaining
totally from foreign quarrels and imperialist adventures:

  • Withdraw all troops from foreign bases, minimum manning in NATO.
  • Decrease overseas defence spending;
  • Increase training budgets for units;
  • Develop high-tech training and system development facilities;
  • Offer to train foreign units from conflict zones here in Canada at other's expense.

Trade & Economy
The only proper role of government, in this context, is to protect property rights,
adjudicate contracts, and adjudicate disputes: to provide a legal framework for the protection of voluntary trade. The primary stakeholders are citizens:

  • Remove ALL subsidies, corporate co-funding like secured debt or guarantees, reduce all tariffs. 
  • Sell off all public / private corporate holdings on Government of Canada
  • Increase funding for environmental, corporate, trade enforcement to ensure level playing field.
  • Increase automatic injunctions, fines, and levies on illegal, unsafe imports of all kinds.
  • Law to reverse burden of proof on all imported products in civil and criminal law.
  • Create an illegal products ombudsman, where public can report unsafe, unfair, illegal domestic or imported products for immediate sanction.
  • Decrease regulations and remove old laws;
  • 3% speculator's tax on all financial transactions involving over $500million of both foreign and domestic entities using debt, credit, stocks, or other instruments by investment banks, private investors, hedge funds, originating from monies loaned from the Bank of Canada.  Payment is due in annual instalments for the duration of the loan.
  • Digitise all legal records for open search by public.