Friday, October 7, 2016

My political inclinations

I have discovered through ego-inquiry, that my personal political philsophy aligns closest to the Libertarian ideals than either a righter wing Conservative / Republican mindset or a lefter wing Liberal / Democrat. Much farther away are the neo-fascist and socialistic mindsets that I find are just more strident people that expect you'd be better off listening to them. Big problem.

Logo of the Libertarian Party of Canada.png

I find that most people are, at least in public, more centrist than extremes and currently there a great challenge for any major party to maintain a majority quorum to lead polls and govern.  This is in part because they each bisect differing smaller groups of the mainstream centrist viewpoints. This points to a potential that the political landscape will change to meet that gap.

Enter the Libertarian philosophy. This subset covers more of the centrist mindsets than NDP, Liberal, or Conservative viewpoints provide.

With Libertarian ideals, no government would question pro-choice for womens's rights because the overriding goal is to reduce government purview into personal choice. This would upset right-wing Christians and Muslims alike (why those would find shelter in centrist parties I can't fathom) and that is exactly why a Libertarian would defeat either in a fair election.

Libertarian supports human rights and ecological rights so long as one uses the existing system to enact change. With governments imposing carbon taxes, I don't see how activists would be unhappy with that because it is forward progress towards changing behaviour. 

As I support the ideals of capitalism, despite the fecklessness and pandering of modern politicians to enforce truly capitalist rules in the spirit of Adam Smith, that makes it more appealing to the centre than socialism parties like the NDP.

When you look at the platform these common sense ideals are inside party policies:

Classical Liberalism
Fiscal conservatism
Civil libertarianism

It's hard to argue these are not views shared by many busy people that don't have the time or moral decrepitude to interfere in others' business.

Here is my prediction; as people remain unhappy with mainstream non-centrist parties, and as prosperity and social media propagate dangerous ideas, the Libertarian party will move from the fringe to governing within a century.