Monday, December 14, 2015

Freedom for all: Islamists should be allowed to leave for da'esh, only they agree to give up their passports and citizenship.

It's hypocritical for a free society to restrict people from joining a caliphate. Like allowing people to join christian missions or the peace corps, we do not make people stay away from all foreign participation - we certainly don't restrict people from going abroad for business.

So we should live up to the ideals of a free society and allow people to leave for the caliphate with one condition. If they choose to leave for Syria, their passports are invalid once they get there. They will give up their citizenship to follow their ideals but they will be free.  If they agree it's a one way trip, and understand they will be tracked as a foreign terror suspect.

If you have the freedom to kill yourself in a climbing accident or in a sky-diving accident, then why can't you die for your ideals?