Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Who's the moron: Trump or a Saudi prince attacking Trump? Answer: Voters

Saudi prince insults Donald Trump. So a Saudi prince, not exactly a favourable figure in US politics for all the back dealing and inside politics of the Bush family, attacks Trump:

"You are a disgrace not only to the GOP [Republican Party] but to all America,"
"Withdraw from the US presidential race as you will never win."

Does he not realize that he is playing right into Donald Trump's plans? Is THIS a setup? Of course Donald Trump is going to hit back and look like a BIGGER hero to the people he is manipulating. Was this a ploy FOR Trump or FOR Clinton?

Prince Alwaleed cannot be that stupid.  I am sure he went to good schools, studied more than his napkin,  and  I have to think Prince Alwaleed tweeted to look like a defender of Islam, which appeals to his base, and yet also manipulated Americans TOWARDS Donald Trump.

So should you take his words at face value, or should you connect the dots to his major donation towards Clinton Foundation? 

I wrote this post stream of consciousness style, complete with typos,  and then considered I should be clear for those unfamiliar: a vote for Trump in the Republican primary is a vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election in the prince's estimation.  So by transitive properties, a vote for Trump is a vote for Prince Alwaleed. He is acting the foil. So if you don't want the prince to win, don't vote for either Clinton or Trump.