Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Obama's opportunity lost...

Obama tried to solve a marginal problem that Americans really want to solve, ISIS / daesh, with a real serious problem Americans should solve first but seem color-blind to: domestic gun violence.

It was a good attempt to spur American people to stop killing each other with weapons of war by linking it to a patriotic cause. Unfortunately, it really just shifts the blame and responsibility for terror violence from Obama's failing ISIS strategy to a domestic onus to sacrifice personal liberty.

By doubling down on his "stay the course" policy towards ISIS, Obama lost an opportunity to cement a real solution to that crisis.  Normal people will think the opposite to what Obama claimed; if radical Muslims are roaming the streets and might attack parties then why take guns away from citizens?  That seems counter intuitive.

Comparing Trump's ban Muslims to Obama's ban assault rifles solutions, neither plan will fix the problem and both of them are in denial of the reality.

Instead, Obama should have proposed that Americans DONATE their assault rifles to the CAUSE of fighting ISIS. To arm friends in the region to defeat a common enemy. To get rid of ISIS faster, arm allies faster and the best way is fight them over there. Get the guns OUT of America. That would stop the terror funding and lone wolf attacks.

THAT would solve both problems at once.