Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The maddening thing about Trump: he does get results...

While he can be described in many ways that are negative or neutralizing in nature, one must say that he is effective.

His Muslim ban policy is pure nonsense but his angry unintelligible overreaction galvanized anger from without and support from within but it has forced the hands of people like Saudi princes that are now dancing to his tune.  If they don't do more to quelch radical Islam, they will lose their US visit privileges. They will also face the wrath of their own people for their loss of visits. They will be seen as helpless and weak in their own peoples' eyes.

Did Hillary Clinton's access get the Saudi king to move? Did Obama get cooperation from Saudis for a coalition against ISIS?

The simple fact is: while he may be a blundering fool, his rambling motion pushes the establishment out of their comfort zone and into progress...

Even Putin would welcome greater relations with Trump than Obama.
While Putin's ringing endorsement of Trump as "bright and talented" might be European wry humor, or more maskirovka i.e. lying ,  it is at least an acknowledgement that they have to plan for Trump. Again, Trump is making people react to him whether or not he understands it.