Monday, March 23, 2015

Conservatives now as corrupt as the Liberals they replaced...

It's official, the Conservatives are now inserting themselves in what should be fair procedural competitive contract processes to pick winners and losers based on personal interactions.

The proposal, which was submitted by Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn on behalf of the Canadian Federation of Chabad Lubavitch, was added at Finley’s request to four projects already selected from 167 eligible proposals.

163 projects got no money, one parachuted in got full funding.  This is a very non-conservative thing to do and smacks of political interference.

Of course, they will resist all efforts to expose this infraction.

This is not something to be indifferent about. The party of principles has now pointed they are past using what they "believe".

This is the sort of thing that would get a civil servant fired for breaching fairness and transparency for all competitors.  They inserted an extra winner into the money circle that ultimately failed to work; so that's bad on two fronts- they perverted the process and it didn't work!

There is no ignorance of the law nor inexperience excuse, conservatives lined up to support this one particular project in 2011, 5 years after becoming the government.

They are now operating against the principles they claim to espouse. It's time to get fresh leadership into federal government.