Thursday, March 12, 2015

Total waste of taxpayer's money: Canada has an ambassador for religious freedoms

Canada has an ambassador for religious freedoms

Separation of church and state does not apply in Canada? 

Promoting all religions is favoritism because it biases towards faith ideology. It doesn't matter if they are picking all religions.  It is picking a side in a debate it should remain neutral on by principle.  Instead, it is actively participating.

How does a conservative government justify spending money on a person to talk about religion on behalf of who, the people of Canada?

It gets worse: they have money and hand it out in the name of religion:

The Religious Freedom Fund funds projects outside Canada to help religious communities that are facing intolerance or persecution in their country.
More specifically, the Fund is aimed at projects that will accomplish the following objectives:
  • Raise awareness about issues related to freedom of religion or belief by providing financial support to organizations for their activities, including interreligious dialogue and education on freedom of religion or belief and pluralism;
  • Conduct research on freedom of religion or belief that provides governments and decision-makers around the world with sources of information and analysis related to freedom of religion or belief;
  • Support dialogue among different religious groups leading to clearly identified outcomes in countries where religious issues are principal factors of tension between communities;
  • Provide legal and legislative or related forms of support on issues of freedom of religion or belief in order to build local capacity and help protect communities that are targeted because of their faith.

I don't want my tax dollars going to any religion at any time. How can a government justify this favoritism?  They won't spend on arts but they will spend on religion.  This doesn't make jobs that get people out of poverty, that turns them away from religion.  The real reason poor people turn to religion is a lack of good jobs.  Busy people don't have time for nonsense.

According to webblog

there is no separation of Church and State.