Friday, March 6, 2015

This was so funny, and sad I thought I would share it...

Atheists, they are the lesser minds. They're overconfident about science. For them, the world is a laboratory. Their heads digest only scientific facts and a pity that they are proud of it like peacocks. They're ignorant to the fact that science is too contemporary. They're ignorant about the limits of humans, a puny little hydrocarbon form life. They believe that their heads, which's not bigger than a little coconut, is all powerful, all mighty, all knowing, all intelligent, all everything. They think human imagination is infinite. They're just too confident about their brains. They're blind to their limitations. They don't take anything for granted. They verify everything with their little heads. Pity that they're still proud of it. They taunt and taunt the believers their whole life.
This is the "About This Community" post for the Anti-Atheism community.

So this says a lot about the psychology and viewpoint of many religious people.  Science is too contemporary, that's a reason? Sounds like it is coming from someone that reads the classics.

We are really good at verifying facts, despite being puny hydrocarbons.We feel all too powerful. Man, I could go for some all-powerful knees right now, they both ache. So we know too much we are too cocky with what we know. We are proud of all we know. There is someone that feels dumb because of the way scientists talk to this person.  I suspect religious leaders are tapping into this emotional response, making people feel like scientists are mocking them.

All we know is puny and so are we. If only we were as mighty as a god.

I don't know about you, but I detect a real undercurrent of jealously and envy.  I thought those were sins?

Atheists have heads like coconuts, we know too much. We can verify facts with our coconuts. All they do is follow dogma with theirs.

This is written by someone that feels attacked personally by ideas that just can't be accepted. Taunting believers makes us arrogant. The more we point out how wrong religious ideas are, the more we are showing how stupid they are in this person's opinion.

There's a lot to laugh at here, but there is also lots of unhappy emotion from people that are suffering. We are making them suffer by not doing a good job

If we can't use our coconuts to come up with better ways to get across our messages, then we will have long lasting problems communicating.