Monday, March 16, 2015

Major Dams Project

Do you know what makes Las Vegas possible?
 It's not this:,_2012.jpg

It's this:

The Hoover Dam provides all the power and water to make life in a desert possible.  It was visionary thinking to change the course of water flow into a town in the middle of nowhere; one of the richest and most prosperous places on Earth.

Now consider the future problem of global warming:

In terms of practical solutions, the left has been just as ridiculous as the right. The Right wants to deny the existence of the problem, hoping to make a few more dollars from oil.  The Left wants us to abandon energy-using technology, go back to before cell phone charging stations, and stop any project that might transport fossil fuels.

Neither side has a monopoly on stupid. We can't stop global warming and we can't turn back on technology. So what else are they offering?

Instead of ridiculous posturing and unhelpful solutions, why not consider a realistic alternative?

If the sea levels will rise, then let's work at building massive dams and store the excess water where it's needed.  Turn the Sahara into a swimming pool.  There is ample dry land on the Earth's surface to store gigatons of water, clean drinking water.  All it takes is the vision to start and the time to build them.

Dam off mountain ranges near population centres and you can make every thirsty place easier to live.  Las Vegas is the example.

We have the knowledge and we have the need, but do we have the vision and drive to accomplish as they did back in 1920?