Monday, March 30, 2015

The persecution of atheists exceeds the power reduction of religions

For those religious people that think atheism is taking away their power over society, I ask you what dissent - of any kind - justifies this sort of action:

"I stabbed him because he humiliated my prophet," said Jikrullah, a 20-year-old student at Hathajari Madrassah in the southeastern district of Chittagong, without elaborating.

Who teaches people that this is an acceptable form of counter argument?  To kill someone in cold blood for speaking their mind is not acceptable under any circumstance.  This is the tyranny of religion that gives people more justification to hide their wicked and foul actions under a cloak of religious obedience.

 "I was just following religious orders."  is very similar to another justification often given.
"Work Makes Free"

"I was just following orders," was claimed by many guards at Nazi concentration camps.

Death is a justified response for insults and hurt feelings? A crime not even approaching the level of rape, theft, or murder?

So to any religious group that complains they are not being given the respect they are due, it is because you have been given more respect than you deserved for many many years.  Do not expect any more in the future.