Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Christian values squashing freedom by federal Conservative dogma

When a government is dogmatic about stupid ideals it is obvious to all they are not executing their mandate as they should.

The government is not supposed to operate in regulating personal freedoms. It is supposed to operate the frameworks that runs society. 

Vice is allowed by the law and the will of the people.  Alcohol is legal. Smoking is legal. Gambling is legal. The christian right wing wouldn't dare trying to repeal gambling, drinking, or smoking- they know there are not enough voters left that would vote for them afterwards.

Marijuana may be addictive product but it is also a personal freedom to use it. This right has been suppressed by the christian moralists in western countries for too long. It is not their right to dictate morals to the rest of society.  That has also become an obsolete concept.  When churches hide paedophiles and abuse people, and deny involvement they have lost any moral authority they claim to have.

Drinking can be addictive. Gambling can be addictive.  Smoking can be addictive.  So why exactly does the government reject marijuana?  Why are they wasting tax dollars to "educate" the people? They are spending another million dollars to try and change people's minds? Does that seem like enough money to do that and a serious attempt? It looks like a face-saving waste of time.

Our health minister was "outraged" that the Supreme Court ruled pot oil was legal given the sloppy law the Conservatives wrote and enacted. If she is mad maybe she should have taken more time crafting the law.

Instead, they would waste time, money, and effort trying to tell people that marijuana is bad. They are trying to tell another lie to convince people not to want what they want.  That is not the workings of a conservative government. The conservatives argue with mayors yet don't sit on a panel of governments to come up with standardized rules for marijuana dispensaries for across the country.  They are dragged kicking and screaming against the supreme court's ruling rather than teaming up to save tax dollars. They leave it to mayors and cities to work through it on their own. If Vancouver did what the federal government told them it's very likely you could get pot outside a school but not alcohol nor tobacco.  Does that make sense?

This behavior is the playbook of a dogmatic people that refuse to change with the times. They are dead set against changing and yet can't see that the people are already past their viewpoint.

The fact is that regulated marijuana and pot oil are products that people want and they generate tax revenue that can be used to help the rest of society. There is no good reason why it is MORE of an addictive danger than drinking, smoking, and gambling and yet the government taxes and regulates all those vices!

We are a capitalist nation, and people could profit legally from selling a product. What is the excuse why it can't be so? There are no excuses other than religious dogma. No other group sees this as a problem.

So when a government promises to balance the budget by 2015 and at the same time holds onto outdated and ridiculous dogma that is hurting our economy. This belief is not allowing capitalism to work properly.

To hold onto an outdated belief so strongly that you risk breaking your promise of a balanced budget shows just how poorly you listen to the people and how poorly you take advantage of opportunities. Another cardinal sin in a capitalist society.  They have a way to make more money and yet they refuse to do so.

They won't go into deficit to save a recession, they won't do what's needed to make sure there is positive growth, but they will hold onto dogma about marijuana.  They have stopped governing and instead are dictating personal choice. That is fascist dogma. Do as we say because we know better than you. Do as we say because you have to believe the same things we do. Don't do what we don't agree with or we will stop working with you and work against you.