Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hillary Clinton knows better than you; except she doesn't and made stupid serious mistakes.

Washington (CNN)The inspector general for the intelligence community has informed members of Congress that some material Hillary Clinton emailed from her private server contained classified information, but it was not identified that way.
Because it was not identified, it is unclear whether Clinton realized she was potentially compromising classified information.
The IG reviewed a "limited sampling" of her emails and among those 40 reviewed found that "four contained classified [intelligence community] information," wrote the IG Charles McCullough in a letter to Congress.

Hillary Clinton emails contained classified information.

Of course Hillary Clinton ran her own email server; it was the perfect means to cover up her classified work and her personal dealings from scrutiny. She thinks she doesn't have to follow the rules, follow information classification rules, and certainly doesn't have to expose her donor favour list to public scrutiny.

Perhaps instead of spending time writing a self-serving "hype manual" - a book that is neither an autobiography nor a history, she should have read the state department rules

Instead, the person that divulged classified information has decided to declare there was no wrong. She says she didn't send classified information. Well, that's settled then.

Here is what the report says:

Four of theemails were identified for review by the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA), which is the Bureau with relevant subject matter expertise; two of the documents were substantively duplicates of each other. NEA consulted with the Office of the Legal Adviser regarding FOIA exemptions that were potentiallyavailable, including B1 (§1.4 (d) of E.O. 13526) and B5. NEA decided, consistentwith the Attorney General’s 2009 FOIA guidance, to redact certain limited information under exemption B5 which reflected deliberations among policy officials. Two other documents were proposed for possible upgradewhich
involved equites of other agencies. In one document, the Department of Defense decided not to seek a classification upgrade. The other document, which contained an FBI equity, could have been redacted under exemption 1, pursuant to §1.4 (d) of E.O.13526, or exemption 7, as law enforcement information.
This says she divulged information from the military (DOD) and FBI, which are not her organizations, that included classified in nature- regardless of what the state department information might think. That was 4 emails from a tiny sample size.  That means, most likely with 30,000 emails, there is a lot more chance she expose classified information.
This is a serious breach of security, this is perhaps a criminal offence.  This is not a joke nor an attack by political enemies. This is a self-inflicted problem due to arrogance and hubris. 
This isn't even the worst problem. She is hiding all the personal interactions from donor nations. People that turned around and gave millions to her foundation.  This is the bigger problem for a president. How bought and paid for is Hillary Clinton.