Sunday, July 12, 2015

Death to Israel is a Nazi sentiment

One of these was Nazi propaganda.
The other was a cheap copy from Saudi Arabia.

Should anyone take propaganda advice  from the Nazis? What does this say of Islamic propaganda? What does this say of anyone that secretly or openly supports Nazi ideals?

It's ironic that had Nazi Germany defeated the Allies and went on to conquer Europe and Africa, you can be sure Aryan dominance would have eradicated Arabs in due course. By eradicate I mean round them up and ship them to empty gas chambers for an extermination so beyond the worst ISIS death camp just like all the inferior races under Nazi doctrine. Turning their skin into lamp shades and stealing their gold teeth.  ISIS has no idea how amateur they are compared  to Nazis savagery yet comparable in beliefs about Jews.

The ideology may be different but fascism is fascism and we shouldn't hide from evil.