Thursday, July 23, 2015

Liberals are treacherous

Proof that Liberals are treacherous. Dmitri Soudas is now a Liberal.   Soudas was a key member of the Conservative party. Soudas was the executive director of the Conservative Party of Canada. He was PM Harper's bag man. He is not a valuable policy wonk he is a low level functionary.

Liberals would take in disloyal opportunist Conservative bag men in a bid for power. The only reason is to exploit secrets and learn strategies. There is no honour in stealing unhappy and supposedly politically different members from the ruling party. The only reason is political expediency.

The Liberals have not learned their lessons about principles and purpose.  They will do anything, say anything, hire anyone, exploit anything to win.  They are not out for Canadians. They are out for themselves.

I plan to vote for the NDP.