Friday, July 31, 2015

Federal Conservatives picking corporate winners & losers against core conservative principles

The federal conservatives are resorting to bribery of Ontario, against the core principle of conservative economic theory to let the markets decide,

in an obvious attempt to win an election.  This is the same behavior they complained about when the liberals bribed the automotive industry with funding.

Remember 2005?

" The first Gomery report, released November 1, 2005, had found a "culture of entitlement" to exist within the Government."

They are funding Honda and Toyota, which are Japanese corporations. They refused to give guarantees to GM and Ford that had better deals from Mexico. 

Conservatives are even resorting to disproportionate funding towards pro-conservative areas.

At the same time as science funding cuts, the kind of funding that creates jobs from new innovation, is cut they are throwing money at less innovative auto companies in a desperate entitled effort to sway the public with bribery.

Time for a new government!