Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Does America deserve Donald Trump?

With all the news and attention turning to Donald Trump, I wonder aloud does America really want what he has to offer?

For those that have followed my America: schizophrenic empire series of posts, you might not see the connection between Trump for President and America policy overseas.  Or domestic policy.

The facts as I see them are; one, Donald Trump embodies all that is wrong with America in one single person, he is arrogant, petty, brash, anti-intellectual, overconfident and underpowered, vane, narcissistic, cheap, greedy, deluded, and also better than everyone else at "the military".  He doesn't care about other countries unless he can steal their resources or bomb the hell out of them. He is the 1% that treat the rest of society like refuse and exploit every benefit that high priced lawyers can provide. He was given his first fortune and for some reason people still trust him with money.  He is an absurdity within an enigma.

He may wear his beliefs on his sleeve but don't worry he'll get a maid to clean that right up.

But he also embodies what  a large frustrated poorly educated and easily lead portion of the American people aspire to be.  They want to be like him, they want his wealth and they want his problems.  They want America to swagger around and cause problems.  They want to start wars, they hate socialists yet take from the government.

People thought George Bush II was a fluke.  He is no fluke.  Donald Trump is George Bush III with all the sneakiness and without the charisma.  He's what George Bush I wanted as a son.

Two, if the people elect Trump then they deserve every last nightmare he will bring down upon them.

From Obama to Trump would demonstrate complete my argument that America is the schizophrenic empire.