Thursday, August 13, 2015

Harper government poor at business decisions.

Separate documents tabled in the House of Commons show the federal government paid out approximately $ 31$-million in severance and separation pay to political staff in all ministers’ offices between April 2006 and February 2014. That's $3.875 $million a year for 8 years. 

 So the Conservatives would rather pay for administrative staff at $4million per year than pay for doctors that do research and can help the country in a medical crisis.They are cutting the Ph.D. / M.D. program that makes doctors that can research an illness and treat people.  The kind of person you need in a medical epidemic.

Dr. Norman Rosenblum is associate dean of physician scientist training at the University of Toronto. Two years ago, Rosenblum was asked by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to chair an expert committee to study patient-oriented researchers in Canada.
The expert report concluded Canada needs a major increase in the number of health clinician scientists, because the country is missing key expertise needed to address urgent health-care questions.
Rosenblum was surprised and dismayed to receive a letter from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in June announcing the end of funding for the MD/PhD program.
Dr. Norman Rosenblum
Dr. Norman Rosenblum says a mixed message is being sent about the value of patient-oriented research. (CBC)
"The reaction has been horror, to be honest," Rosenblum said. "My colleagues across the country have been mystified as to how this decision would be taken when they were not specifically consulted."
The letter stated "budgetary constraints" as the reason.
Harper is out to gut science but waste taxpayer money on administration. Is that a more efficient business organization? Does that seem like an effective government?

This is what it costs for a Ph.D / M.D program the student at the University of Ottawa:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Fall and Winter (Sessions 1 and 2) Spring / Summer
(Session 3)
Fall and Winter
(Sessions 4 and 5)
Spring / Summer
(Session 6)
Fall, Winter and
Spring / Summer
(Sessions 7, 8 and 9)
Fall, Winter and
Spring / Summer
(Sessions 10, 11 and 12)
$ 19,500.00 / session $3,000.00 $19,500.00 / session $3,000.00 $3,000.00 / session
+ stipend
$3,000.00 / session
+ stipend
This is a total of  ~$100,000 per student to have a Ph.D. with a M.D. that can do both. Or you could have office staff.

So for the cost of PMO staff PER YEAR severance we could have had 38.75 Ph.D / MD students that would lead to 39 doctors more per year in the country all for the cost of the PMO, Harper's office staff turn over year after year. That's not the whole government that is one office in Ottawa. Can you justify claiming that the conservatives are good with business operations after this? They would rather pay severance than for specialized doctors.