Saturday, August 22, 2015

Media and Trump

"Why hasn't Trump imploded yet?"

"What do you think of Mr. Trump's position on immigration? "

" Mr Trump had insulted another key demographic but will he alienate them?"

The media can't help themselves falling into Trump's trap:  information overload equals pattern recognition. And people don't care how stupid he sounds.

Bill Maher and his panel covered this as well:

With every other candidate that person must do something noteworthy to get attention and recognition. With Trump he gets attention even if it's so they can watch him trainwreck on live TV. Trump isn't cornered with tough questions and when he does he slips away and they let him.

He gets credit and credibility for free because he keeps doing Trump. It doesn't have to make sense; it is a spectacle of foolish and curious human beings fascinated at the event. They dropped all integrity and objectivity.

By playing Trump's attention game the media is making it worse; not better. If they ignored him till he laid out a real plan, then Trump would shrivel up on his own, hubris driven.

 Trump's rampage is working so well, the others are trying to jump on the nonsense bandwagon...